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Город: Бишкек
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I Had a Dream about London Sky

One cool autumn day, in a big loggia of my apartment, covered with old warm blanket I was sitting on a comfortable rocking chair and reading a fairy tale of Mark Twain, “the Prince and the Pauper”. There were big windows in the balcony, so I could easily look outside without standing up. I remember it was a very picturesque scene: leaves were painted in different colors of the season: yellow, brown and red; sky was cloudy and dark blue and was going to rain. The weather looked exactly like the picture hanged on the wall above my desk. This was my favorite time of year because I had a nostalgic feeling about my childhood.  As I was continuing to read my book, I started to feel that my concentration was weakening and attention was leaving me: my eyes were slowly closing and head was inclining down.  I was struggling with myself for some minutes but was eventually defeated by the strong desire and sweet pleasure of falling asleep.

Time passed . . . . I suddenly found myself standing alone on the Oxford Street in Central London. I started looking around with fear and wonder as I could not understand what I was doing there and doubted whether it was just a dream. I felt myself like Alice in the Wonderland. I raised my head and saw the foggy grimy sky – London sky! I always admired London because of its cultural richness, the arts, exciting world of commerce and high quality education; I was attracted by the availability of numerous museums, galleries, libraries, sporting events and other cultural institutions. And as millions of other people around the world I had a "blue" dream to look at London to have an unforgettable memory for all my life.  So, at that moment, I was thinking that God heard my request and was thanking Him for its realization.

I started my journey as Alice with a great wonder and excitement. I paid attention to all the details that I encountered during my walk along the streets and suddenly heard a conversation of two Englishmen behind me. In the first moments, I could not understand what they were talking about; this was my experience of having difficulty with understanding the British accent. My impression was that its pronunciation was fast, abrupt and in cut words, but in overall it sounded charming.  I did not give up and strained my ears to be more attentive and try to catch the peculiarities of the language and started to comprehend their speech and understood that they were talking about literature. As they approached me, I noted that they were dressed in the style of the 19th century: long elegant black suits, jackets with small chains, classical hats on head and polished to shine black shoes on feet. The picture was completed by walking sticks that they were holding in hands and long thick cigars in mouth. They looked like true aristocrats. I also noted that they did not pay any attention to me. When they passed away, I surprisingly came to the realization that I was in the 19th century!

After my emotions calmed down and I became oriented in time and place, I continued my trip along the empty and quiet streets of London and soon found myself in the fascinating beautiful green park and recalled from my reading in the encyclopedia  that it was a Royal Park of Hyde Park. My eyes got a true pleasure of watching very green and clean surrounding - I was like in a fairy tale.  Then, I went to the west of the park where I saw Kensington Gardens and later went to the north to the Regent’s Park. There, I became excited by the London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo. I saw many kinds of animals, many of which were unique and many that I never saw before. I was amazed like a child because I was watching all these wonderful places with my own eyes. Then, I was sitting on the bench feeling myself happy. I have spent there two or three hours there and did not want to leave the park because I fell in love with its indescribable beauty, absolute peace and solitude with the Nature. Later, I decided that I should use the gift of the destiny and watch all the famous places in London as I will never have this chance again.

My eyes became witnesses of the grand houses and public buildings like British Museum which was established in Bloomsbury in 1753, the literary centre of London; National Gallery, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. I was standing in front of the gorgeous, majestic and world-renowned Westminster Abbey build in a gothic style and St. Margaret’s Church. I also visited the Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, looked at the London Eye, left my footprint on the Trafalgar square and walked through Tower Bridge. When I looked at the Big Ben, the Tower of London, it was exactly four o’clock. I was constantly going and going and looking around as I could not become satisfied with the wonders that I have already seen. I was going to enter London Coliseum but was suddenly awakened by the hard hit of the window that was caused by strong wind. I was scared by the wind and very disappointed that it was just a faerie dream, that I did not enter the London Coliseum and left my imaginary world. But as I started recalling all the things that I saw in my dream, I smiled and got a pleasant feeling.  I became grateful to my dream because it gave me an opportunity to saw London sky, its picturesque parks and great unforgettable places. For a moment, I thought that may be this wind will be a wind of change in my life and one day I will really find myself in one of the greatest cities in the world – London.

31 мая 2011 14:24