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Japanese elementary school launches luxury Armani uniform


A public elementary school in Tokyo’s Ginza district recently launched Armani’s “standard clothes” (non-compulsory purchases, similar to those of domestic high schools), and the total cost of tops, bottoms, shirts, and hats exceeds 80,000 yen.
This price is more than four times the regular Aeroflow Breastpumps Coupons school uniform and is also more expensive than many business suits worn by working adults. Due to the rapid changes in children's body size and the fact that the school did not disclose the price in the notice issued in November last year, it caused controversy among parents and all parties in society.
Toshitsugu Wada, a representative of Taiming Elementary School, said at the press conference that the school has a 150-year history and that the Armani brand is in line with the status of a "Ginza school." Armani's flagship store in Tokyo is also located in the wealthy Ginza district, in fact, near this elementary school.
Because Japan does not have the existing regulations on the relevant standards, whether it is judged by the school or not. According to a survey conducted by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun in the 23 districts of Tokyo, elementary schools using "standard clothes" accounted for only 6% of the total, and prices ranged from approximately 60 to 55,000 yen.
Some schools do not use the entire package, only suits and other clothing, and some schools allow free choice of manufacturers, as long as they are similar designs. The standard suit is positioned as the "PTA (Parental Teacher Association) recommended clothing". In order to reduce the burden on parents, the school's PTA will collect second-hand clothing for graduates.
Either ugly or expensive, the quality of school uniforms is always tied to the level of consumption. Eton University, known for its costly school uniform, wears a tuxedo that costs more than 1,000 pounds a day. At home, Dongguan Foreign Languages School issued 12 different seasons of school uniforms several years ago and charged 2,180 yuan. It has also caused extensive discussion.
In addition to the aesthetic impact of red, blue and white sportswear in the 1990s, the promotion of "uniformed" uniforms in China is mainly limited by the high cost.
At present, the price limits for school uniforms in most provinces in China are below 100 yuan. Taking Jiangxi as an example, the price of a school uniform cannot be more than 90 yuan. Only when the school obtains permission from the parent committee to purchase it independently, can it break through the limit price. Schools in high school and junior high school in parts of Hunan and Shandong are also priced below $100 each.
A school in Nanjing tried to change its school uniforms Promo Code into a Korean-style suit skirt in 2007. It was unanimously opposed by parents. The reason was that the children would fall in love with puppy love and “not learn”, and finally they would not let it go. However, Nanjing's top two middle school Nanjing Foreign Languages Secondary School and Nanjing Normal University Middle School, girls' uniforms have been used to suit skirts above the knee.
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