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Who is the best in black science and technology contest?


In recent years, the anxiety transition has Promo Code become the heart of many shoe and clothing companies. However, there are many shoe and clothing companies or R&D teams in the fashion industry at home and abroad who preemptively focus on technological innovation in order to meet users' needs and experience.
Peak Auction 3D Printing Shoes
In recent years, with the influx of foreign brands and the competition among local brands, the competition in the Chinese clothing industry has become increasingly fierce. If we want to avoid fighting on the battlefield, we must accelerate our pace. In April this year, domestic sports brand Peake followed the 3D printing hot stream, launched an auction campaign, and used a 3D printing currency (3DP) to bid for a pair of homemade 3D printed shoes FUTURE 2.0.
It is understood that this high-tech sports shoe, midsole (porous complex structure) is made of TPU powder material through SLS laser sintering technology 3D printing, to achieve a breakthrough in the performance of 3D printing soles: lightweight, breathable, soft bullets More suitable for running scenes.
As early as 2014, Peak played 3D printing. In 2014, Peak introduced the most advanced 3D printing equipment at the time and introduced 3D printing concept products. In May 2017, Peak launched China's first 3D printed running shoes “FUTURE I” and limited release in May 2017. "FUTURE 2.0", in August, Peak and its contracted NBA superstar Dwight Howard released the world's first 3D printed basketball shoes "Howard's third-generation 3D version."
Backwards are likely to be beaten, so Peak's ancestors took pains to spend their energy on 3D printing. This is an important step for Peak's brand strategy.
Adi speaks to the world with 4D technology
If someone else is playing 3D printing, adidas, which has been playing the technology card for the past few years, is releasing 4D technology to the world.
It is understood that adidas Futurecraft 4D is the concept of shoes, the first 300 pairs, the second batch of 5000 pairs. At first glance, its shoe type didn't Shoes Coupons have much new ideas, but it focused its attention on the bottom for a long time before it was considered to be a black technology beyond this era. Although 4D printing is still in the symbolic stage, it is not impossible for Adidas to favor enterprises with technological and innovation breakthroughs.
It is said that any technological R&D that is not aimed at Limin is a rogue and Adidas should not choose to follow this path.
pLaces shoelaces GPS function for precise positioning in 166 countries
pLaces is a product designed for ALICE road safety issues. It integrates a GPS tracker into shoelaces. pLaces can be used with any style of shoes. After pairing with Bluetooth and mobile phones, the built-in GPS chip can be connected to the corresponding App program.
pLaces allows you to record or bookmark your trip and share your route or location with others. The shoelace is made of Kevlar fiber (one of the raw materials for the body armor), which is lightweight and tear resistant, while the GPS tracker uses a carbon fiber shell that can be wirelessly charged through the charging base and lasts up to 4 weeks. With the ability to accurately locate in 166 countries (nearly the world), pLaces can thus become a true lifeguard.
American smart charging shoes can charge every step
Startup company SolePower has designed a smart charging shoe that can be charged automatically. According to the company, the power generated after walking for two hours can support an iPhone call for one hour. In addition, various types of sensors that can be added also make shoes more versatile. For example, adding GPS sensors can track the location of workers; gas companies can add sensors that detect leaks; and companies that need to send employees to cold climate regions can add thermometers to monitor employees' risk of frostbite.
Ordinary shoes can also be more humanized due to high-tech support, and can better meet the diverse needs of users. Where there is demand, it is the place for inspiration, which is the opportunity for market development.
Knitted sneakers 100% waterproof
Many waterproof shoes are airtight, and breathable shoes are not waterproof. The
Vanssi, a team in Vancouver, Canada, developed a new type of waterproof knit called Flash Knit after two years, and thus produced the world's first 100% waterproof knit sneaker Vessi. Vessi looks exactly like an ordinary shoe, but it allows the wearer to keep the shoe dry and clean, no matter what the weather. For example, wearing Vessi on a rainy day, there is no need to avoid any puddles, and the dirty water in the rain will not cause any impact on the shoes.
This is probably a knit sneaker that many people want to have both a knit and wear experience and can say goodbye to flooding.
Mushrooms, chicken feathers, textile waste can be made shoes?
The traditional shoe-making fabrics are mainly leather, chemical synthetic materials, and natural fiber fabrics. Most of them are not environmentally friendly, and researchers at the University of Delaware have made biodegradable shoes using mushrooms, chicken feathers, and textile waste.
Researchers made sole molds that allow the mycelium to grow inside, grow straight into the shape of the sole, and coat it with a layer of plant leather to Dacoz make the sole more durable. Then, the researchers used an abandoned plain cloth trim design to make the upper, stained with vegetable dyes, and sewn with cotton thread. “Everything is biodegradable.” The next step is to plan how to turn the prototype shoes into commercial shoes. The main reason researchers are doing this is to make the fashion industry more sustainable.
With the improvement of consumers' quality of life, the demand for consumer experience has also increased. Apart from high-tech products with a high sense of technology, there are textures, feelings, personality, playfulness, and diversity of shoes. Clothing products are more likely to be favored by young consumers.
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