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Dior Tokyo Releases Men's Collection


Men's luxury brands are highly sought after around the world. The men's collection of the LVMH Group has newly appointed two well-known designers, namely Kim Jones of Dior Men and Virgil Abloh of LV, which further promotes the development of the menswear brand.
But this shift has a deeper meaning. “Men want to have their own style, their own personality, their own style,” said Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior Couture. “In the past decade, personalization has become a trend, and men are paying more and more attention to their style. I believe that the menswear market around the world has matured and this trend Shein Coupons continues to grow.”
Now, Dior Men is taking the opportunity to hold a fashion show in Tokyo. On November 30th, the men's wear conference for early autumn was arranged. In the previous two days, the men's flash shop was unveiled and the 2019 spring and summer series products were released. Japan is the world's third-largest luxury market and the birthplace of Asian men's fashion.
Mario Ortelli, managing partner of consulting firm Ortelli & Co., said that it is logical for men's luxury brands such as Dior Men to shift their focus to Asia, as Asia's demand for high-end menswear is growing and it is more appetizing than anywhere else.
“Especially young consumers in Asia today, their demand for fashionable casual men’s wear is growing,” he said. “High-end fashion brands see Asia as an excellent opportunity for the menswear market and continue to increase marketing efforts in the region. These are no longer a rare event.”
According to Beccari, Dior decided to give a curtain call for the early fall menswear collection. It is intended to show that men's wear is becoming more and more important for the brand. The choice to launch the press conference in Japan is due to Jones' long-term relationship with the country, especially The attraction of those colorful and creative streetwear.
Another important consideration is that Japan has long-term strategic implications for the luxury brand market, including the impact on Chinese consumers who are motivated by the trend and shopping, as well as luxury consumption in Japan.
According to the National Tourism Administration of Japan, more than a quarter of the visitors came from mainland China in September this year. Tourists in Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) accounted for almost half of all tourists, and the average cost was three times that of tourists from other countries.
At the same time, in addition to the strong domestic demand for luxury goods, Japanese consumers' confidence and retail sales are bright. According to recent research by Leoni Corporate Advisors (LCA), in 2017, Japanese luxury goods industry revenue increased by 4%, most of which was due to increased product categories and retail channels.
“For us, Japan is an important market, and besides it is the center of Asia as a whole,” says Beccari. “Many Chinese travel there; Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics; it’s a vibrant city, especially since the economy is doing well, so I’m happy to agree with Kim’s claim.”
Jones pointed out that the founder Christian Dior is full of love for Japan, and he can get a glimpse of the many collections he has saved. These costumes are seamlessly integrated with his long-standing fascination with the country. Jones borrowed the Japanese elements that were originally used in the women's collection and applied them to men's wear called "modern way."
“He made it according to the various tailoring styles, which is very meaningful for the present (menswear style),” Jones explains. “(Dior) past costumes contain some joyful, inspiring elements and elegant and refined, so I am thinking about more casual cutting and style, because that is the style that menadays love today.”
For decades, Japan has been a pioneer in the trend of menswear and a creator of fashion tastes in the world. In particular, neighborhoods such as Harajuku and Shibuya have become the popular front lines in Asia. At the same time, in many ways, the local menswear brand has become the backbone of the Japanese fashion industry.
Akiko Shinoda, director of international affairs at Japan Fashion Week, said that this development led to the men's show often surpassing the number of women's shows on Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo's official schedule.
She explained: "Whether it is an elegant European suit or a casual American denim, the Japanese men's fashion industry has enthusiastically conducted in-depth research, not only learned a lot from both, but also combined with the original street culture. Developed into a unique high quality menswear fashion circle."
Jones has been in Japan for a long time and believes that this mashup style is the key to the country's unique charm in menswear. He said: "The different levels of design and mix-and-match styles are very interesting. People wearing such clothes are particularly free."
However, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers in Japan may be weakening. Peter Xu, a Chinese fashionista who has long-term cooperation with international luxury brands, believes that young consumers are increasingly looking for fashion inspiration elsewhere in Asia. He said: "Under the influence of South Korea, Japan's influence has gradually narrowed. But some cultures are still attracting attention, such as Yayoi Kausama and Haruki Murakami in the art world."
However, Japan will become an important place for Dacoz global luxury brands to shop. “Young people are pursuing Off-White and Balenciaga. Recently I went to Tokyo and saw many Chinese children are buying. For them, nowadays, more attention is paid to global fashion style.”
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