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Busen Strategic Investment Macquarie


Busen issued an announcement and responded to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's inquiry about the closure of Macquarie into a strategic investment. For the reasons for the change, Busen said in the announcement that considering the major asset restructuring matters, the review cycle is long and there is a large degree of uncertainty, which is not conducive to the company's cooperation with Macquarie as soon as possible, and can not improve the listed company in the short term. The layout of new retail and new chain integration areas.
The announcement also pointed out that Macquarie has initially formed a brand-new business model with the concept of “Jingdong Unbounded Retail” as its core, supported by “wholesale + retail” and “online + offline”, with the help of operators and Jingdong’s brand strength. , to play its own offline operating advantages. Busen hopes to form a cooperative relationship with Macquarie as soon as possible, and further expand the sales channels of the company's apparel products with the operational advantages of Macquarie in projects such as “Jingdong Home” and “Jingdong Store”. Therefore, Busen Romwe Coupon Code decided to abandon the acquisition of Macquarie and turn into a strategic investment.
According to the financial data of Macquarie disclosed by Busson in 2017, Macquarie’s net profit was 9,886,700 yuan in 2017, and the non-net profit and net profit attributable to the company were 10.724 million yuan. For Busson's acquisition of McCauley's equity price of 200 million yuan, compared with net assets growth of 314.82%, Busen explained that Macquarie is a light asset operating company, the book net assets are less, but the company's profitability is good.
For the reason why Busen acquired the 10% stake in Macquarie and its impact on the company's operations, Busen said in the announcement that the company acquired a 10% stake in Macquarie with a cash of 20 million, which can quickly meet the current business of the listed company. The layout appeals to expand the sales channels of the company's apparel products, while at the same time reducing the risk of acquisition to a certain extent, can protect the interests of all shareholders of the company, and will not have a material adverse impact on the company's production and operation.
It is reported that Macquarie is one of the Dacoz domestic large-scale communication product chain enterprises, and has reached strategic partnership with telecom operators and major brand mobile phone operators. In 2017, the company began to transform into a “new retail” service provider.
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