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Anta Black Technology Under the Short Track


When it comes to the Winter Olympics competition, the most exciting game for the audience, short track speed skating is one of them. The short track speed Footaction Promotion Codes skating athletes competed on the ice rink. In the end, the flashing speed of the flashlight is often only between a few millimeters. There are many factors that determine the success or failure. In this, the short track speed skating athletes A jersey plays an important role. This issue of [Winter Startup] will show you the Anta Black Technology hidden under the short track shirt!
The clock dialed back to February 22, 2018. Chinese short-track speed skating player Wu Dajing took the absolute advantage for the Chinese sports delegation to win the gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, along with Wu Dajing standing at the top of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The podium also includes the short track speed skating competition suit “Lei Star” independently developed by the national brand Anta.
"Thunder" represents the speed, strength and speed, and the combination of short track speed skating can be said to complement each other. This "ISPO Global Design Award" won the world-recognized and praised competitions designed and produced by Anta. It is the world's lightest and most breathable speed skating competition. The material uses a special yarn (Dyneema) that is 15 times stronger than the steel wire, which is 30% lighter than nylon. It breaks through the weight of traditional cutting materials, poor elasticity, no color and other limitations, and the cutting resistance is greater than the ISU standard.
The previous short-track speed skating clothing only applied partial cutting-proof materials in the key artery of the human body, and it adopts double-layer structure, but Anta's newly developed short-track speed skating competition suit is on the fabric, design and layout. Both have made huge breakthroughs. It not only provides comprehensive protection against cutting, but also protects the athlete's body. It only uses a single layer of fabric to reduce the weight of the garment. 3D draping reduces the resistance to exercise and helps the athletes to play better.
The black-tech "Thunder Star" in the eyes of the short track speed skating world champion Han Tianyu means more. The danger of short track speed skating competition is self-evident. Sharp ice skates are a huge threat to high-speed taxiing athletes, and the new cutting-proof materials of "Thunder Star" give athletes great protection. "The Thunder Star is for me, just like my comrades-in-arms, close and tacit, and with the help of me, while giving me protection, I feel safe."
At the same time, the design of the Thunder Star is also ingenious, becoming a bright sight on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The design concept of "Thunder Star" is derived from the Chinese five-star red flag element. Combining the concept of speed sensation in the short-track speed skating movement, it adopts the linear art of the five-star, and uses the bronzing process to make the five-star more shining, so that it is on the field. The lights are even more dazzling.
As the official partner of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, the national brand Anta has always made unremitting efforts on the Chinese ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry. In the ANTA Sports Science Laboratory, countless big data information and test samples show the importance of sports equipment to sports. Anta develops and manufactures sports equipment that is more suitable for the general public through data analysis of competitive sports. Under the escort of Black Technology, Anta is looking forward to being able to help China's Winter Olympics again and shine in the 2022 Winter Olympics.
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